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BIM: Advanced FSGM Attack

Previously we talked about Fast Sign Gradient Method( FGSM), we saw how this white box technique, cleverly exploits the gradients in a model, to perturb the input to give the wrong prediction from the model. Since, in this method, we perturb our input just once, a modified version of this attack does so repeatedly for …

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Adversarial Attacks

In this post, we will be talking about the vulnerabilities that plague machine learning. Yes, in the realm of computer science, no field is void of vulnerabilities and loopholes and as we progress towards a very AI-based future, the security and robustness of machine learning models become an important aspect. What are Adversarial Attacks? The …

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Gradient Descent

The special ingredient to machine learning. We learned in the last post about Linear Regression. We concluded with a cost function that we needed to minimize. Today we will see how we minimize this cost function. To recap, the cost function was : Here, h𝚯(x) is the linear regression equation that we discussed earlier( y= …

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Linear Regression

Let’s look at the hello world of machine learning algorithms. In this post, we will look at a very simple machine learning algorithm which is actually the “hello world” equivalent of programming languages. So what is linear regression? If you are from a statistics background chances are you already know what it means. In statistics, …

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